Romanelli galerie

Romanelli galleria

An authentic Sculpture Studio where the same Family keeps making and trading sculptures after two centuries of activity, blending tradition with contemporary taste. The studio boasts a vast collection of models ranging from classical and Renaissance pieces, to neoclassical and contemporary masterpieces. 



Lorenzo Bartolini

Lorenzo Bartolini was an Italian sculptor who infused his neoclassicism with a strain of sentimental piety and naturalistic detail, while he drew inspiration from the sculpture of the Florentine Renaissance rather than the overpowering influence of Antonio Canova that circumscribed his Florentine contemporaries.

Pasquale Romanelli

Born in Florence in 1812 to Luigi Romanelli and Beatrice Chelazzi. At a young age he was orphaned from his mother. Pasquale married Elisa Mangoni, and together they had 6 children. His son Raffaello Romanelli and grand-son Romano Romanelli were also sculptors.

Raffaello Romanelli

The son of Florentine sculptor Pasquale Romanelli, Raffaello is fore-mostly known for his monuments and portrait busts dedicated to noteworthy figures. He worked around the globe in America, Argentina, Austria, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Russia. Raffaello worked from two studios both located in the ‘Oltrarno’ district in Florence, initially from the family studio in Borgo San Frediano and then from a new one in Piazza Santo Spirito.