Once Milano

Once Milano

At Once Milano, there are no shortcuts. Quality is never compromised and Once Milano products are timeless, elegant and revel in a luxurious understatement that has become a signature of the brand.

We create items using only the finest materials made by skilled artisans in Venice. Custom made pieces are available to order and include personalised embroidery, the option of piping trims and monogrammed items.

It was founded by Allegra Marchiorello and Valeria Piovesana Thompson in 2013. The Once Milano brand takes its inspiration from the rich Venetian tradition of textile craftsmanship.



The collection includes exquisite bed and table linen, kitchen and bathroom accessories as well as a burgeoning range of lounge wear, bags and pochettes. Each piece of linen is hand cut, sewn and dyed. In order to ensure that the pieces do not lose their shape, fabrics are hand cut to create a rich, unique effect, impossible to achieve with the use of machines.

At the very core of Once Milano is the concept of slowing down and celebrating the ‘here and the now’. It is the creation of the right mood that enhances the beauty of the present moment. It is about making THE EVERY DAY- indeed any day – special.

Why choose Once Milano?

Once Milano products are 100% handmade in Italy. Their signature style exudes a sophisticated and understated elegance, easy to maintain.

They are hand-cut, sewn and finally dyed by skilled craftsmen from Veneto region, in vibrant and seasonal colors. The finishing gives our products an intentionally crushed effect, with light streaks and intended irregularities that enhance the depth of the colors and the nature of this precious fabric.


Care and maintenance

  • For best results, wash at 30°, using gentle detergents, containing no bleach.

  • Please wash matching colours together to maintain uniform appearance. For softer linen, tumble-drying is recommended at low temperatures.

  • Do not overload the dryer and to avoid creasing, remove the linen as soon as it has finished drying

  • Our crushed linen does not need ironing, however if you wish to iron, the linen should be slightly damp for best results. Steaming however is suitable for our products. 

  • Our linen throws cannot be ironed.

  • Quilts and linen blankets are dry clean only.