About Oluce

Founded in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni, Oluce is the oldest Italian design company still operating in the lighting world, a unique production excellence which translates passionate aesthetic and technological research into the potential of light into actual form. Over the years, Oluce has succeeded in building a collection structured like a tale, rich and multifaceted, inhabited by products that transcend fashion to become Italian design icons.


The 1970s saw the beginning of a new and highly important era for Oluce, which coincided with the transfer of ownership from Giuseppe Ostuni to the Verderi family, and was marked by the influential figure of one of the great Italian design masters: Vico Magistretti.

Kuta, Lester, Nara, Idomeneo, Pascal, Dim, Sonora, Snow and especially Atollo became icons of modern lighting. Atollo table lamp itself got all these awards since its realease:

  1. Compasso d’Oro ADI 1979
  2. Museum of Modern Art”, New York 1979
  3. Philadelphia Museum of Art”, Philadelphia 1983
  4. Kunstgewerbe Museum”, Zuerich 1983
  5. Museum “Die Neue Sammlung”, Muenchen 1983
  6. Museum Fuer Kunst und Gewerbe”, Hamburg 1986
  7. Kunstmuseum”, Dusseldorf 1989
  8. Collezione Permanente del Design Italiano 1945-1990, Triennale di Milano


The evocative force of lighting is as important as its functional potential, capable of translating ideas and intuition into articles. With over 70 years of experience in the field of illumination, Oluce can count on a solid background of technical and lighting engineering skills, in addition to a style that has become a true signature trademark.

Today, the company’s expertise shines through in its use of fine, experimental materials—stone, marble, galvanised metals and textured coatings—all carefully and competently treated by Oluce. This is accompanied by continual technological research that guarantees the use of cutting-edge light sources and processes. Blazing the trail for limitless experimentation into aesthetics and function, this confirms the elective relationship Oluce enjoys with the world of design.