Tekna is a renowned design and production house of light fixtures.
We work hard to deliver Tekna's timeless lighting designs every day. Thanks to the unique combination of high-quality materials and a high level of finishing, our design lighting goes beyond national borders and puts our brand stronger on the world map every day. We want to continue to develop and delight our customers with innovative, exclusive designs.


Tekna stands out for its unique combination of artisanal methods with timeless character. All lighting fixtures are designed, produced and assembled by hand in Europe. This creates not only a wonderful lighting fixture, but also a strong story which makes Tekna a very powerful brand. With attention to both decorative details like handmade and soldered ledges along with individual glass rods, and innovative materials like safety glass, Tekna stands out in its category.


Tempered glass is used in all our floor devices including the Ilford Floor collection and Penrose design. Tempered glass is produced by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared to normal glass. Tempering results in balanced internal stresses that cause the glass to break into small granular pieces of equal size and shape, rather than splitting into random, pointy fragments. This glass makes injuries less likely.

There is a certain purity in beauty. Authenticity, straight from the heart, which we always want to express in our designs. This is why we consistently manufacture all our luminaires using pure materials. We mainly use brass because it is a valuable material with special properties that lends itself perfectly to forging, but we also use bronze, copper, aluminium and glass. To develop our luminaires, we resolutely opt for one eclectic approach: we combine strong, traditional methods with timeless character. A successful recipe that radiates simplicity, functionality and elegance. Our lighting is therefore exactly what it should be: minimal, yet expansive at the same time. Present, but not intrusive. Stubborn and contrary to numerous extravagant designs.