Layered is a Swedish interior design brand that combines a bold contemporary expression with genuine craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Inspired by contemporary movements in different art forms, we offer a new take on classic minimalism. Scandinavian elegance, with an edge.


Coming from the world of fashion, Layered founder and creative director Malin Glemme has always explored the interplay of art, fashion and interior design – and Layered has a long tradition of pushing the boundaries through creative collaborations with influential, contemporary artists and designers,


With sustainable craftsmanship and 100% natural or recycled materials, our quality products are highly durable and designed to live long lives with minimal impact on our planet. 100% of our rugs are traceable down to the very fibre. We are also moving towards using 100% renewable energy, all sustainable packaging and low carbon transports. To read more about how sustainability is literally part of our every fibre, see the Layered Sustainability Plan.


Established in 2015 and based in Stockholm, Layered has grown to become one of Scandinavia’s most talked about interior design brands, awarded the Elle Deco Accessory of the Year and international press including New York Times, Elle and Vogue, to name a few.