Kouzlo lněného ložního prádla

Why is linen bedding a good idea

The magic of linen bed linen

Why should we consider linen bedding? Is it worth investing in bed linen? What should you focus on when choosing linen bed linen? 

If you are considering investing in quality linen bed linen, this article is for you. We will summarize all the pros and cons and answer the most common questions that may arise when choosing this unique underwear. 


Linen sheets are often more expensive than cotton sheets – at least initially. This is because cotton prices are artificially distorted by government subsidies and it is also often produced in developing countries using labor and an alarming amount of chemicals to increase yields. In contrast, European linen is processed by artisans according to European labor laws.

What is it? 

Flax fibers are notoriously stiff, consisting of many cells packed together (unlike cotton's unicellular fibers). This strength makes it an excellent material for sacks and ropes—which use coarser, shorter linen fibers—as opposed to linen bedding, which uses finer, longer linen fibers. Compared to cotton bedding, which pilling and tearing over time, linen bedding softens over time as it is washed pectin. Due to this factor, in some parts of Scandinavia, European linen covers for blankets and pillows are passed down from generation to generation. So even though linen requires a higher initial cost, the cost of use is often lower than cheaper bedding made from weaker materials.


Suitable for every season

Whether you're looking for bedding for any season, linen DOES IT ALL. 

In winter, flax works great as an insulator that maintains body temperature. The natural density of linen also seals out any adverse weather conditions, such as drafts in the room, so you won't have to spend money on bedspreads and other coverings.

Thanks to its porosity, the underwear has a high thermal conductivity and in the summer it dissipates heat away from the body. Linen also wicks away moisture and sweat, so you'll never have to sleep under a damp sheet again.


Beauty in imperfection

Linen should look crumpled. However, this is its biggest plus. You don't have to spend hours ironing and you can also make your bed in seconds. Linen is such a beautiful and noble material in itself that you can forget about perfectly ironed and fluffy clothes and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. 

Despite the fact that flax has been the darling of the minimalist aesthetic of Pinterest and Instagram for many years. linen sheets have that handmade, textured look that can't be replicated with too-perfect off-the-shelf polycotton.

While the linen is luxurious and elegant, it is not "luxurious" in the same way as an overpriced designer handbag or designer shirt. Instead of investing in a brand or reputation, every penny goes into the superior craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Scandinavian design.

So, if you are looking for timelessness and quality, linen bed linen is just for you.