Interiérové trendy 2023: Dekorace

Interior trends 2023: Decoration


Interest in interior design is undeniably on the rise. While previously we could learn about trends in the world of interiors and design from specialist interior magazines or from international trade fairs, now we find interior trends daily on social networks from our favorite influencers. The most widespread social networks where you can look for trends are, of course, Instagram and Pinterest. However, now TikTok has also joined the game, where interior designers, architects and design lovers advise what will help you achieve your dream interior.  

Let's forgive consumerism and bet on timeless classics that will put a smile on our faces every day, not only in the new year 2023!

MENU space


People crave personality! Furniture, decoration and lighting with personality are the main attraction of every modern interior. Marble is replaced by warm woods and warm grays. Instagram minimalism is slowly disappearing, replaced by French Art Nouveau of the 1940s, combined with raw materials, natural elements and distinctive decorations. 


NOVEL armchair


Infusing art into your home is no passing trend. Since ancient times, we have decorated our homes with art in all its forms. 

When the designers were in the 1st annual designer survey Dibs when asked which art medium they were most likely to use for clients in the coming year, sculptures received the best response with a record 44% of the vote. Whether you opt for contemporary artists or are a fan of antique pieces, consider a plinth or mantel. This will emphasize the value of your work and give your guests a better chance to admire its beauty. 


PLINTH pedestal


The tendency for people to collect iconic pieces of furniture and decor from different styles across eras has contributed to a significant change. Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles together. This has led to a new look that designer Charlotte Taylor calls minimal eclecticism – the amalgamation of all eras and styles under a minimalist and uncluttered umbrella. Each product for the room speaks to us and makes the resulting interior personal and interesting.