Since we started our work as cultural archeologists in 1980, TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, eclectic publishing. From our affordable Basic Art series to highly collectable limited editions, we are committed to making the best books on the planet at any prize and any size.
If you are looking for a beautiful and original book for your collection or an unrivaled book experience, TASCHEN is the right one for you. The beginnings of the German company TASCHEN democratized the world of serious art. Their prestigious editions of art books have been a huge success, making TASCHEN an exclusive publishing house with a huge name!



TASCHEN’s partnership with Instituto Terra is the foundation of its carbon offset scheme. Based on the principle that our climate is affected by worldwide net greenhouse-gas emissions as well as global activities that counteract these emissions, a company can become carbon neutral through its own voluntary efforts. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, TASCHEN produces 13,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Meanwhile, experts have estimated that trees planted by Instituto Terra have so far absorbed some 108,000 metric tons of the gas. 

"We are proud of the time and effort we put into each of our books to ensure they are a timeless source of enjoyment and learning."

Dusty Deco
Cappelen Dimyr